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The State has said to society…I shall confiscate your power, and exercise it to suit myself. [T]he interests of the State and the interests of society…are directly opposed… The State…has invariably, as Madison said, turned every contingency into a resource for depleting social power and enhancing State power… There are two methods…whereby man’s needs and desires can be satisfied. One is the production and exchange of wealth…the economic means. The other is the uncompensated appropriation of wealth produced by others…the political means.

The State…is the organization of the political means…[which] stands as primarily a distributor of economic advantage, an arbiter of exploitation…an irresponsible and all‑powerful agency standing always ready to be put into use for the service of one set of economic interests as against another.

The State is not…a social institution administered in an anti‑social way. It is an anti‑social institution…

State power has an unbroken record of inability to do anything efficiently, economically, disinterestedly or honestly; yet when the slightest dissatisfaction arises over any exercise of social power, the aid of the agent least qualified to give aid is immediately called for.

Under a regime of actual individualism, actually free competition, actual laissez‑faire–a regime which, as we have seen, cannot possibly coexist with the State–a serious or continuous misuse of social power would be virtually impracticable.
— Albert Jay Nock, Our Enemy The State [1935] (via laliberty)

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There aren’t genuine politics, there’s the media telling you that Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney is the ultimate clash of ideology when we both know they’re globalist neo-liberals.
— Cody R. Wilson (via anarcho-spookyist)

Basically I don’t understand spanish direct/indirect/reflexive object pronouns. So if anyone has any special tricks for learning them or knows any helpful websites for doing so, it would be much appreciated.

shutupcyclops replied to your post:Someone help me practice my spanish

What level are you?

My school classifies it as 4. It’s like a step below bilingual.

dogs-freedom-and-bruins replied to your post:Someone help me practice my spanish

¡ayuda practicar mi espanol! is what you meant to say :P

*ayudame ;)

aww i just wanna be a little spoon

If your only sources of information are John Stewart and Stephen Colbert please do not try to act like you have any meaningful political knowledge.